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Renovate, Repair, and Paint (RRP)

Required Certified Renovator EPA Class for all contractors that work on properties built before 1978. 

This course includes:

  • 1 Day Class

  • In-person

  • Downloadable Items or Books

  • Course Test

  • Certificate of Completion

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    EPA Renovation, Repair, and Paint (RRP)

    Certified Renovator Initial

    Initial Renovator Class

    In-Person eight (8) hour course

    Training manual, Final test, and a Five year Certificate of Completion are included.

    Location and parking information will be emailed later.

    Please bring your identification and a pen.

    Lunch: you will have an hour for lunch

    Be ready for a certificate photo to be taken.

    Requirements: None

    EPA’s 2008 Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule (as amended in 2010 and 2011), aims to protect the public from lead-based paint hazards associated with renovation, repair, and painting activities. These activities can create hazardous lead dust when surfaces with lead paint, even from many decades ago, are disturbed. The rule requires workers to be certified and trained in the use of lead-safe work practices.

    Course Information

    Earn an EPA RRP Certified Renovator Certificate

    The student attends class and partakes in a hands-on portion. At the end of the class, the student will be prepared to complete the final course test. Upon earning a final passing test grade, the student will be issued an EPA RRP Certified Renovator Certificate, valid for five (5) years. 

    Course Topics

    Module 1: Why Should I Be Concerned About Lead Paint?

    Module 2: Regulations

    Module 3: Before Beginning Work

    Module 4: Contain Dust During Work

    Module 5: During the Work

    Module 6: Cleaning Activities and Checking Your Work

    Module 7: Recordkeeping

    Module 8: Training Non-Certified Renovation WorkersIn-Person Lecture

    The course is an in-person lecture with a hands-on portion.


    La Regla de pintura, reparación y renovación de pintura a base de plomo (RRP) de 2008 de la EPA (modificada en 2010 y 2011) tiene como objetivo proteger al público de los peligros de la pintura a base de plomo asociados con las actividades de renovación, reparación y pintura.

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